Frequently asked questions whose answers are given below.

Order Related Queries.

  • How can I track my order?

Once product shipped, customer receives an E- mail on registered e-mail id with containing courier company name and tracking number.

  • I am unable to see my order details in my account what should I do?

Don’t worry this service is currently not available In the future, you will be able to track orders with your account until you can email and call us.

Email id – | Call us - +91 9643648648, +91 9643649649

  • How long it takes to deliver the Order?

Normally it takes 4-7 days to ship an Indian order’s, once shipped, a product should be delivered to you within 5 days. However, there might be some delay in delivery due to below mentioned reasons

  1. If the area where you live is very interior in the region.
  2. Natural calamities like heavy rain, earthquake etc.
  3. Political disturbance, National and Regional holidays etc.


  • I missed the delivery of my order today so what can I do now?

We have you covered! Don’t worry we will call you and confirm your availability and reschedule the delivery for you.

  • Can I accept the package after checking the contents inside it?

Sorry, as per company policy, a package can’t be opened before delivery is accepted.

But you can accept the package & get in touch with us later in case you have any concerns.

  • Will the delivery be re-attempted if I’m not able to collect my order the first time?

Yes, we’ll make sure that the delivery is re-attempted the next working day if you can’t collect your order the first time.

  • Can I change the delivery time for my order?

Yes you can schedule delivery accordingly, for which you have to call us an email us.

  • I found the package open and the product seal broken. What should I do?

 You can request for the item to be replaced or returned by sending us an email on or calling our helpline number +91 9643648648, +91 9643649649

  • What should I do if a service centre denied my request to repair the product?

Please contact our Customer Support with the service centre details so that we can look into this.

  • Will I receive a call before Industry Purchase attempts to deliver package at my place?

The courier person will call you before delivery only if he cannot find your location with the address shared.

  • I have a complaint about the courier guy who came to deliver my order.

Please let us know the details by contacting our Customer Support & we’ll look into this for you.