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CEM Laser Distance Meter I-LDM-150

Measuring Range 0.05 to 70m
Measuring Accuracy Typically ?1.5mm
Measuring Units m, in, ft
Laser Class Class II 635nm,
Smallest Unit Displayed 1mm
Tilt Sensor Measuring Range (?65?)
Range of Bluetooth 10m
Dust and Splash Proof IP-54
Memory 20 Readings
Keyboard Type Super Soft Touch
Operating Temperature 0?C to 40?C
Storage Temperature -10?C to 60?C


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Distance Meter

Laser Distance Meters


Professional-grade distance measuring tools that is fast, easy to use, you can take pictures of distance measured and store it on Cloud Service

The CEM Laser Distance Meters bring you the most advanced measuring technology. Unlike ultrasonic distance meters with laser pointers, these meters use a precision narrow laser beam that can avoid the common errors caused by extraneous objects near measurement targets. Not only can you make measurements using this instrument, you can also take pictures of the distance measured, mark the length or area or volume measured, store the pictures on cloud service and email the data where ever and when ever required.

This is designed to give special users a high accuracy, single user distance measuring and estimating tool to measure remote and difficult reaching places. The compact and hand held design for indoor application; shortcut keys for addition, subtraction, Pythagoras, area and volume calculations make measuring fast and very reliable. The last 20 measurements are also stored.

Meterbox iLDM software and cloud server support to transfer the measured data to the customers? smartphone for edit and storage.



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Laser Distance Meters

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