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Karmyogi 4 Feet Light Duty Lathe Machine

In This Light Duty Lathe Machine Centre Height 7″ Price 3000/- Add

In This Light Duty Lathe Machine Centre Height 7.5″ Price 5000/- Add

Standard Accessories

Chuck Plate, Change Gear Set, Dad Centre Sleeve, Tool Post Key, Motor Pully

Terms & Conditions

  1. Above Price is net as per Market rate. When inflow in market rate our Price also increasing with new market rate.
  2. ?GST as applicable as per Government Rule & Regulation
  3. Packing and Loading Charge is Extra as per above price


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Brand Karmyogi
Max Swing Over Bed 250-500 mm
Automation Grade Semi-Automatic
Max Spindle Speed 500-1000 rpm
Lathe Machine Type Horizontal Lathe
Max Turning Diameter 500-1000 mm
L x W x CH x SP.Bore

3.6 x 9.45 x 6.5 x 38mm

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