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You will be able to measure your upper arm blood pressure with Omron HEM 7132 Blood Pressure Monitor. The Omron bp monitor 7132 is a completely automatic machine and works on oscillometric method. Moreover it is a compact bp monitor. With Omron 7132, you will be able to get your systolic & diastolic blood pressure readings and your pulse rate at the same time.

Main features of Omron HEM 7132 BP Monitor
  1. More than your blood pressure readings, Omron HEM 7132 gives you the information about your heart’s irregularity in beating.
  2. With Omron 7132, you will be able to interpret your readings easily. Monitor will tell  you whether your readings are low, high, or very high.
  3. During measurement, if you move your body, it will influence the accuracy of your reading. Omron bp monitor 7132 detects your body movement and alert you.
  4. Omron HEM 7132 will alert you, if you are wrapping the cuff in a wrong way. There is a green colour “OK” light for this.
  5. It has an easy fit cuff having size of 22 to 42 cm. This will be beneficial for people having large upper arm too.
  6. You can even take the average of your last 3 readings with Omron 7132.
  7. The memory capacity for Omron bp monitor 7132 is 60 readings along with time & date.


Package Contents for Omron bp monitor 7132

  1. Main unit of Omron 7132
  2. 1 easy fit arm cuff, which fits arm circumference 22-42 cm
  3. Manual in english
  4. 4 * Batteries “AA” type

Advantages and disadvantages of Omron 7132 blood pressure monitor

Modern electronic blood pressure monitors are as precise as the traditional manual mercury-based bp monitors. Electronic blood pressure monitors from manufacturers like OMRON have been tested, calibrated, and certified by the leading global organizations for their accuracy. Therefore, it is time to forget about the yesterday’s concepts, and switch to the new tools. Electronic blood pressure monitors have many advantages.

  1. Electronic blood pressure monitors are easy and comfortable to use. Their use does not require training and much practice. All one has to do is follow few simple sets of instructions.
  2. These blood pressure monitor has made regular home monitoring possible. It means measuring blood pressure in the relaxed environment. There is no risk of white coat syndrome and anxiety related to blood pressure monitoring in the clinics. Best of all, these monitors can provide rich data regarding daily blood pressure fluctuations. This can be useful in certain circumstances.
  3. Electronic blood pressure monitors also provide accurate pulse rate. It is crucial information along with the blood pressure.
  4. Electronic blood pressure monitors are a practical option when one has to take readings too often. They are a better fit for people of old age and individuals living with disabilities. Just think of an old age person with weakened sensations, listening, vision, and having diseases of limbs, or arthritis. These automated devices can be used by any person, irrespective of physical conditions.


Thus there is no need to hesitate, and understand that advantages of automatic blood pressure monitor far outnumber its disadvantages.

So what are the possible disadvantages of electronic blood pressure monitors?

They are as accurate as most professional equipment in measuring blood pressure. However, this statement is only valid for a specific range of BP. Electronic blood pressure monitors may be less accurate in extremely low blood pressures. They are also not recommended for use in case of diseases of heart rhythm. In conditions like the ectopic beat or atrial flutter, automatic BP monitor may make a mistake and produce a wrong reading.

Electronic blood pressure monitors like Omron 7132 need electricity to operate. It means that they need batteries or power plug to operate. Further, they have higher chances of getting broken down.

Well, despite few disadvantages, newer blood pressure monitors have evolved to become much accurate and sturdier. Gradually, many professional organizations are realizing the importance of self-blood pressure monitoring and the role of electronic blood pressure monitors in care of heart health. Though everyone realizes the importance of glucometers in diabetes, however, neglect blood pressure monitors to some extent for various reasons.

It is time to realize the value of electronic blood pressure monitors like Omron HEM 7132. You have to understand that even clinics are using these gadgets nowadays, because of the accuracy and ease of use. It is time to stop ignoring, start taking things in hands and start monitoring blood pressure regularly using Omron bp monitor 7132.